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Sanibel Supply & Bionix®: Professional Quality Ear Irrigation Tools

In the ear canal blockages can prevent proper diagnosis of ear related problems and even cause hearing loss. This is why Bionix® developed a complete line of ear-care solutions that safely and efficiently remove cerumen and other foreign bodies from inside the ear canal. Watch this tips and trick video to learn about the OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tip with three divergent streams directed toward the ear canal wall – not the Tympanic Membrane – for a much safer procedure when doing irrigation.


Sanibel TypeB REM probe tubes – 4 value propositions

In this tips & tricks video from Sanibel Supply, Senior Clinical Audiologist, Cammy Bahner, reviews the SanibelTM TypeB REM probe tube. She talks about: - The softness of the tube, ensuring its flexibility so you won’t harm your patients when inserting it into their ear canals
- Suitable for instruments like Verifit2, Avant, Affinity2.0, and Aurical
- Easily adjustment of the ring on the probe tube, to fit your need
- Easy separation of each probe tube, not causing any distortions of the tubes before using them


Cerumen Management Online Course

Pacific Audiology Group, located in Canada, designed their course for both professionals with cerumen management experience as well as those just starting out. Focus is the main three methods of removal: instrumentation, irrigation and microsuction.


RadioEar RE-7 Headset – super easy adjustment for your every need!

Watch this tips & tricks video from Sanibel Supply and never struggle with adjusting your RadioEar RE-7 Headset ever again. Make things easy on yourself and give your patients more confident in you as a hearing healthcare professional at the same time.


Switch from Sanibel AZE to Sanibel ADI ear tips – no re-calibration needed

Welcome to the tips & tricks video from Sanibel Supply, walking you through how to change from AZE to the popular and well-renowned SanibelTM ADITM ear tips – no re-calibration needed! Int his video, the ear tips change is made for a MAICO MI34, as an example.


Placement of Electrodes for Evoked Potentials System

In this tips & tricks video from Sanibel Supply, Senior Clinical Audiologist, Cammy Bahner, walks you through correct placement electrodes for your evoked potentials system and measurements, and covers:

  • Prepping your patient for proper electrode placement
  • Abrading the patient’s skin using the well-liked NuPrepTM and alcohol wipes
  • Placing the electrode currently on the patient’s skin

Correct Use of Electrodes with your Evoked Potentials System

In this tips & tricks video from Sanibel Supply, Senior Clinical Audiologist, Cammy Bahner, talks about the correct use of electrodes for your evoked potentials system and the importance of:

  • Using the electrode that come with your instrument, e.g. the Eclipse from Interacoustics, using Vermed® and AMBU® electrodes.
  • Only using the electrodes once, as these are single use items, no matter which ones you use
  • Preparing the patient, using for example the popular NuPrepTM and alcohol wipes
  • The condition of the patient’s skin prior to the application of the electrode

Sanibel™ TM electrode for ECochG

Once again, Senior Clinical Audiologist, Cammy Bahner, provides us with valuable information; this time about:

  • Our popular Sanibel™ TM electrode.
  • She guides us in how to prepare your patient and the TM electrode prior to placing it into the patient’s ear canal.
  • Useful guidance on the insertion itself, ensuring that you get the necessary recording, is also provided here.
  • Using your Sanibel™ TM electrode with your Sanibel™ ECochG cable.

EarWay® Pro - Wax Removal Helix Tutorial

EarWay® Pro device is designed with a flexible helical tip, for easy navigation in the ear canal.
The wax removal Helix is rotated inward into the ear, collecting the cerumen, and extracting it from the ear canal as a single cluster.
Very easy and safe to remove ear wax. The helix grabs around the ear wax lump and pulls it out in a comfortable way.

NOTE: This product is not for home use. To be used only as instructed - by certified and authorized hearing healthcare professionals.

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