Sanibel™ Wet Gel electrode round, 60 pcs

Sanibel™ Wet Gel electrode round, 60 pcs

Sanibel™ Wet Gel electrode round, 60 pcs

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Wet Gel Snap Electrode with 60 pieces in each re-sealable pouch. The strong seal gives optimal working conditions for every age group, besides newborns (Need a good, cheap electrode for newborns? See the Sanibel Hydrogel Electrode). 

Surface electrodes tailored to your need

At Sanibel Supply® we believe that it is important to choose the right surface electrode for each specific recording and patient type.

Wetgel or hydrogel electrodes?

A wetgel electrode consists of water, thickener, ionic salts, surfactants and bactericides or fungicides. Wetgel migrates easily and rapidly into the skin surface, reducing impedance levels, which in turn will generally result in lower noise in the recording.

A hydrogel surface electrode is less adhesive when compared to wetgel, making it particulary suitable for newborns. Another advantage of a conductive adhesive is that the active surface can be as large as the electrode itself because no additional adhesive strip is needed.

Chloride salt concentration

The higher the chloride salt content, the more conductive the electrode. Higher salt content (10% and above), pre-gelled, surface electrodes are
useful for making fast, high quality measurements
of biopotentials. High conductivity electrodes generally have reduced artifact, due to the lower impedance generated between electrode and skin surface. As the chloride salt content drops, there is a corresponding reduction in electrode conductivity.

As the chloride content drops below 10%, the electrode can then be employed for longer recording times, with a reduced risk of skin irritation. As a rule of thumb, wetgel has a 10% and hydrogel a 4% chloride content.

It is important to use electrodes with similar chloride salt content when testing.

The impedance of the electrode/skin junction is highly dependent on the electrolyte type and the chloride salt concentration. For example, a hydrogel electrode with 4% chloride concentration will have approximately 10x higher impedance than a wet liquid gel electrode with 10% chloride concentration, after rst application to the skin.


The Sanibel disposable electrodes come with a range of adhesive qualities. All electrodes are designed
to adhere well to skin surfaces, but the adhesion characteristics can be grouped according to the application:

• Strong adhesive

• Moderate adhesive, high tack
Strong adhesion is not recommended for newborns.

Skin preparation

For optimum electrode to skin conductivity, the skin should be lightly abraded with a gentle abrasive gel/wipe. An alcohol wipe is not recommended to improve conductivity as this will only serve to dry out the skin surface. 

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